Multi Image Optimizer

Multi Image Optimizer 1.0

Resizes, renames, converts, and edits nearly all kinds of image files
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Multi Image Optimizer resizes, renames, converts, and edits nearly all kind of image files. It allows you to apply any combination of those functions to one or many graphic files or photos at once, saving you a lot of time. In addition, it provides integration with Windows Explorer, which makes it even quicker and easier to use.

The program offers a practical and well-designed user interface. It is intuitive enough to be used by any person with an average level of PC usage experience. On the left side, there is a panel where you can see a list of all the previously added image files. You can click on any of them to have an instant preview of it. You are allowed to add your files on an individual basis, but you can also select a folder and let the program locate and add to the list for you all the image files inside it. The drag-and-drop technique is also supported, and to top it all off, you can also right-click on any image file in Windows Explorer and select the "Add images to MIO" command to add it to the list.

There is also a set of tabs for you to configure all the changes you may want to apply to your source images. The "JPEG", "PNG", and "JPEG 2000" tabs basically allow you to configure the output quality or the level of compression for those formats. The "Rename" tab allows you to define a new name for your resulting files, using masks that support specific variables. Among the predefined variables the program includes, you will find the original file name, the extension, the width and height in pixels, and a file counter.

Next is the "Resize" tab, which lets you change the original size of your image files. You can change it by percentage or specifying fixed width and height values. Here you can also choose your preferred re-sampling algorithm. The "Text" and "Watermark" tabs allow you to insert a customized text and an image file, respectively, into your converted files. For the text option, you can also use variables, and specify its font, size, opacity, and special effects. Finally, on the "Output settings" tab, you can set the output format and a folder to save your resulting files.

In conclusion, Multi Image Optimizer is a program that, though lightweight, provides a good number of functions, giving you the possibility to apply multiple changes to many image files at the same time.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Intuitive
  • Practical and well-designed user interface
  • Provides you with four convenient methods to add source files
  • Resizes, renames, converts, and edits your images
  • Supports source image files of practically any known format


  • Even though it supports many input formats, it supports only five as output
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